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Engagement Letter 
All Details to our Services.

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The services in the field of distributed ledger technologies include the following topics:

  • Tax advice and tax planning for DLT companies and DLT activities.

  • General advice regarding crypto assets and token-based business models

  • Advice on complex asset structures including succession of assets

  • Advice on value added tax issues

  • Consulting and preparation of required tax based contractual documents

  • Crypto accounting and preparation of financial statements for Liechtenstein based companies

  • Data preparation and data analysis of transaction histories and DLT activities

  • Company structuring

  • VAT rulings for digital assets

  • Reference date valuations of digital assets

  • Preparation and filing of tax returns and clarification of queries from the tax office

  • Preparation of compliance and KYC dossiers

  • Self-disclosure and objection procedures


Our services in the field of distributed ledger technologies include the following activities:

  • Onboarding and data collection

    • Providing an overview, planning of pending issues

    • General clarifications, planning and correspondence

    • Recording transactions from wallets and exchanges

    • Data backup and due diligence

  • Analysis and data preparation

    • Data analysis, plausibility checks and data integrity

    • Review and analysis of tax aspects in contract documents, investments and agreements

    • Tax analysis, information and opinions

    • Preparation and analysis of transaction histories and DLT activities

  • Statements

    • Clarification, information gathering and preparation of KYC dossiers for tax matters

More information about our digital solutions for increasing efficiency and minimizing errors and effort:

  • Digital DLT Onboarding

    • Your benefit: The quick and easy recording of wallets and DLT activities via a digital, secured form can reduce email queries as well as the time required.

  • Telegram communication & archiving

    • Your benefit: easy communication via Telegram while still maintaining the due diligence requirements of a tax firm.

  • Process automation

    • Your benefit: Time and cost savings through faster processing.


We are constantly working on solutions that create added value for our customers. More projects will be published soon!​

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